CADAF Online 2020

June 25 -28 2020

CADAF Online 2020 - REALity ARTificial

My work has been selected for a curated art fair CADAF Online 2020. This year it has been moved online because of COVID-19. I would love for you to come visit it. Get a free ticket at will be hundreds of premier artists on exhibit during the show. The tickets are limited. I will have at least nine artworks on display. All of them are made using artificial intelligence. Read more below video...

SAGE Anomaly Redux

REALity ARTificial

Is the name of my booth.

Come play with me in an artificial reality. A fake reality created with artificial intelligence and mini VR cube and cone worlds. Perhaps you can find reality in a fake world by using the perspective of others.

Fictional stories

Fiction can tell the truth better than reality sometimes. "Reality" lies to us often and is often one dimensional. Fiction has the potential to tell the truth more than reality.

Let's play in exploring the distortions that moving information "pixels" between modalities creates. People can be manipulated by technology with the distortions used like a digital sleight of hand.

All of these works are made using artificial intelligence techniques as a tool in the hands of the artist.

3 by 3 grid showing artwork in the show fake max headroom is in the middle

Your Journey Choices

In the show booth this three by three grid will guide you into a multi layered story about artificial reality.

To the left find the artwork that abstracts my journey (with my children) into art with the help of Nam June Paik. Nam June Paik said "You can be an artist."

To the right and on to the top row find illustrations of a fictional story that started with my grandfather going missing from a hospital with what was thought to be hallucinations of his contact with an artificially intelligent entity in 1966.

The bottom row contains and exploration the use of artificial intelligence manipulation of culture.

The last work in the bottom right corner is an idea about viewing the world from perspective of all of us together. With love collectively maybe we can counter the manipulations of the sensory distortion fields of money, power and technology.

Get a free ticket at

Exclusive Display Case

With artist signature

The Package

Most of the works can be purchased and are delivered in a collectors box. It includes the artwork and bonus material on a glass USB drive in a linen box. Also included is a small booklet with a description of the work and a the artists signature.

You can imagine using the drive to display the works on your SmartTV or other digital devices.

You also have the option to have the work tokenized on the blockchain using SuperRare, MakersPlace or CodexProtocol.