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Commission Gallery

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Custom Ai Art Using Your Photos

Photos are curated & modified by Bård to train a GAN Ai model. He will mix in additional training material. He will use the model to create new images and a video to create your custom piece. Output can be multiple still images or a video file.

Custom Ai Art Using Your Video

Send videos to Bård in order to seed your custom art piece. The artist will select the best video to produce a custom art piece to your specifications within the limits of the technology will be provided back to you.

Examples of Art Types for Ai Commissions

Many types of photos, drawings or paintings can be used by the artist to create your custom art piece. Photos should all have one or two types of objects. If there are many objects the artwork will be abstract. The artist has created art of faces, bodies, coins, toilets, crucifix, rockets, aircraft, bugs and other objects. Often he has been able to mix two objects with unique results, like mixing bugs with aircraft.

Apollyon one of the Knights Of The Apocalypse. The artist expressed the image of our reality in 2016 - 2021, living as witness of a dark period of history full of signs of an apocalypse, by combining human faces, crucifix and the faces of clocks. Five Knights Of The Apocalypse reminds the human race that time is short.
Apollyon from photos of gas masks


Green lines like those in leafs form a grid with gold paint like blobs are arranged in the grid
A creation using GAN techniques to merge a model of crucifix with a model of toilets.


Mysterious Value NFT Still image golden coin with binary code and grid in middle
Created from images of coins


Other Art Commissions

WANT Oscilloscope Line Animation


Hand drawn oscilloscope art. It can be augmented with oscilloscope music if you can provide the score.

The Prophesy

Ai Prompt Art

Your photo and concept can be used to create a batch of Ai generated images.

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