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CryptoArt and Artificial Intelligence Artist
Technological Art | Analog to Digital to Analog | Spiritual - Physical - Digital

Global Reality at MakersPlace
 Editorial about Convergance

Selected for CADAF Digital Art Month NYC 2020

The artist will have three augmented reality sculptures at FlatIron Public Plaza

October 2020

cadaf online contemporary and digital art fair june 25 - 28 2020

Selected AR Art for Digital Art Month NYC

The Digital Art Month is a creative celebration of digital and new media art kicking off October 1, 2020, in New York. Curated by CADAF 

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Outside Forces

Washington DC

Anual Outsider Art exhibition in Washington DC. Online this year at art-enables.com is exhibiting my work "Close Our Eyes". Avaliable for purchase or bid on SuperRare. If you do not use cryptocurrency contact me for a private sale. 

Outside Forces


Fascinated with the space between the physical sensory, electronic and spiritual worlds and the distortions that happen upon passing between them. This is captured in CryptoArt, Artificial Intelligence Art, glitch scanography, oscilloscope (sound and animation) art, electronic sculpture, and glitch video. The art is often infused with hidden layers of meaning and multiple dimensional backstories.
Bard Ionson is a pseudonym of the artist who is also a technologist and programmer who lives in Virginia but is a native of Colorado.
His inspirations come from Nam June Paik, Georgia O'Keeffe, John Cage, J.R.R. Tolkien, Yoko Ono, Jackson Pollock, Donald Roller Wilson, Barbara Dixon, Salvador Dali,  Jacques Ellul, Flannery O'Connor, Willa Cather, Isaac Asimov, Margaret Atwood, Reif Larsen, Bill Viola, Emily Dickenson and Robbie Barrat.

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ARTificial Exhibition

June 2019 Bull Run Library Manassas Virginia
An exhibition of artificial intelligence art, augmented reality art and cryptocurrency / blockchain art.
The New Digital Art
Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, CryptoArt, Blockchain
Background art is Biophotonic Phosopene Sold for 2.7 ETH

Exhibition Poster

June 2019

Bull Run Regional Library Manassas Virginia

Faces in the Cloud

Faces In The Cloud

Also in the ARTificial Exhibition as an oil on canvas painting. The artist painted an analog manual version of this AI Art. Digital version Sold for 2.2 ETH

On exhibition in ARTificial. Oil on Canvas version for sale as well as limited edition digital print.

One Looks

As we look at what entropy makes for us, we are aware that Chaos watches with menacing eyes.


The first half of "One Looks  Chaos Watches"  

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Biophotonic Phosopene Animated

When I close my eyes and rub them this is what I see. I have always found it artistic but did not have the skills to replicate it for other people. By chance I found a way to reproduce the effect using neural networks in computer code. 

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There Is Nothing Wrong

There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now controlling the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can glitch, we can burn the picture. We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive. You are about to experience the absurdity which reaches from the shallowest inner minds beyond the limits of imagination. Generated using machine learning model of 20,000 images of news using Art-DCGAN (RobbIe Barrat) & ESRGAN.


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There Is Nothing Wrong

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Molten Cryptocurrency

A study in the texture and color of money. An AI generated ingot of molten coins made from 22,000 images of coins and crypto coin logo representations. Generated using Art-DCGAN by Robbie Barrat. High resolution


Molten Cryptocurrency

AR with Artivive

Many of Bard Ionson's artworks contain an augmented reality layer. Just load the Artivive app on your smartphone and point it at the image. The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada

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Augmented Reality animation of the original oscilloscope images used to train the AI for many of the other works. Now on Exhibition in ARTificial June 2019 Contact artist to purchase.

More Sound Artivive AR App

ARTificial - AI, AR, VR, Crypto

Bard Ionson Posted May 11, 2019

New currencies are being created outside of government control. Art is being created with artificial intelligence. Fake news is generated from deep fake videos and images. Augmented and virtual reality is being created inside the memory of computers. All of this with computer technology.

Humans once used physical things to trade value with each other; stones, shells, beads, cheese, bits of metal with simple images. Now we use the random numbers generated with computers. Entropy and chaos is used to authenticate digital goods.

What is this art? It is artificial yet it has value. It has been generated from a neural net trained with 20,000 images of the artists line drawings on an oscilloscope. Some of it has been mixed with paintings of landscapes and human figures. The coins were made by training the AI model with images of 22,000 coins. 

And it has all been tokenized on the blockchain and sold.

Is it money or is it art? Is it real at all?

New Digital Art - CryptoArt / NFT

This art is representative of some new technologies in the creation of art. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art, Crypto Art, Augmented Reality Art and Virtual Reality Art. The AI Art is art made using machine learning techniques, Crypto Art is art tracked and or sold with crypto currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. AR Art is art that has a version that only exists by using goggles or a smart phone to view the artwork. VR art is displayed in a virtual world viewed with goggles or screens that surround the viewer. In this case it is digital art displayed on a virtual wall or 3D digital sculpture.

AI Art

Art made with machine learning algorithms. Machine learning using computerized simulated neural networks are trained on many thousands of images. It is the same technique used to train a computer to recognize objects in a picture. But instead of having the computer detect an object it draws an object randomly.

The technique used is GAN. Generative Adversarial Network. One part of the code draws a random field of pixels and a second part of the code accepts the image or throws it out by comparing it to the images it is being trained on. After many cycles the code that does the drawing successfully produces images that are acceptable. The human artist controls the process by the selection of images used to train it and the code. The generator starts produces thousands of images so the artist becomes a curator and will picks the best images. Go and view Hornbook to see the original images the artist trained the machine learning model with.  

Crypto Art

Crypto Art is art that has been given a computerized unique certificate (token) in a ledger called a blockchain. The digital work is unique by giving it a unique key on the Ethereum blockchain. This is done at a marketplace called SuperRare.co. The token is then sold to a art collector using Ethereum cryptocurrency. This token is often called a NFT non-fudgable token.

AR Art

Augmented Reality Art on this site is viewed by using a smartphone app called Artivive. If you install it on your phone or tablet you can point your camera at the art on the wall and it will come alive with an animated version of the artwork.

VR Art

Virtual Reality Art is art in a virtual environment like CryptoVoxels using a device like a VR headset or surrounding screens.