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Bård Ionson Studio

Exploring the Distortions Between Realities

This is an OG crypto artist, after all, one who first minted on the Blockchain in 2018, and so in his oeuvre is an impressive catalogue of cultural touchstones. With a singular algorithmic style —one which favors cohesion of color over cohesion of form, in which edges blend. Objects meld together, but subjects always remain strangely recognizable— Ionson has crafted both political artwork and the crypto-specific. He’s explored color, shape, organics, and more hard-boiled abstractions, all while including a cavalcade of recognizable symbols and signifiers of the moment. – Max Cohen

Proudly in the Collections

Permanent Museum Collections

Museum Of Crypto Art Paris MoCA

Museum of Crypto Art NY MOCA

Museum Of Contemporary Digital Art MoCDA


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Contemporary & Digital Art Fair NYC

Proud to be represented at the 2022 CADAF in NYC int the Web 3 NYC Gallery.

If you attended and are looking for the art I have prepared this page so you can find it again.

See the art displayed.

Vineyard Mountain
Vineyard Mountain

Featured Artwork

The throne sits in a marble white room. An homage to Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, Morton Livingston Schamberg and Marcel Duchamp.

The Throne of God

GAN Digital Art

Presidential Portrait in the classic early NFT CryptoArt animated gif and GAN style. 

Presidential Portrait 2017 – 2021

Animated GIF GAN


About the Artist

Creating art since 2012 Bård entered the NFT space in 2018 with SuperRare. Bård Ionson is an artist who is exposing the distortions between realities that exist between realities. By combining technique and forces of the world he captures the temporary spaces between the physical, electronic, digital and spiritual worlds. These strange visions come from an uncommon combination of tools and techniques such as artificial intelligence, GANs, VCRs, CRTs, oscilloscopes, lasers, scanners, photography, smart contracts, blockchains and sound. He has exhibited art in Valencia, Vienna, Brussels, Paris, Denver, Washington DC, Virgin Islands, Dubai, Riyad, San Francisco, London, Miami, Italy, Manchester and Mansassas. His collectors have been able to enjoy his art online at SuperRare, Art Blocks and AsyncArt.

golden gas mask eyes with grid structure on a blue gold flecked background
A Time To Reject

Crypto Art Begins

NFT Book Drop September 19 2022

For the first time, a prestigious publishing project enters the world of WEB3, with ONE OF THE BIGGEST DROP EVER on NIFTY GATEWAY, featuring 50 among the best Crypto Artists

Limited edition 20 copies will be produced with the art of Bård Ionson on the cover on Nifty Gateway

Bård Ionson

11151 Valley View Dr #525 Bristow, VA 20136

The throne sits in a marble white room. An homage to Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, Morton Livingston Schamberg and Marcel Duchamp.