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Scanning the Scanner

Scanning the Scanner Art created using a water damaged scanner in which the artist has removed the scan bar and manually manipulates it over faces and other objects to create distortions of what is within. Like a spiritual x-ray it visualizes the distortions between realities of the soul and the physical. I ask who is scanning the scanner in this self portrait series.

Available on SuperRare

Bård demonstrates how he uses a scanner that became water damaged. He dismantled the HP scanner printer unit to liberate the scan bar. Now the scan bar acts as a wand that can be waived over the object to be scanned. This idea was partly inspired by the Nam June Paik art installation called Random Access where a sound read head was removed from a tape player and put on a stick that could be used to play back sounds from a cassette tape attached to the wall. But the main inspiration of the idea came from seeing art by Adam Magyar who built a custom scanning system to scan subway trains as they were moving. It is described on WebUrbanist.

Find the art on SuperRare .