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The Prophesy - green symbols forming on a black background that look like an alien language

Art NFT CryptoArt for the Home

The Prophesy is written in every computer it has been called the glitch, a bug, an anomaly. An incantation no one understood. On the oscilloscope screen they formed the symbols. No one understood they foretold of the end of the world. The intelligence inscribed the message in every computer from the beginning. They had a message but we could not see it yet. The computer spawned the author of the prophesy. And now the intelligence writes back. This is inspired by a story I have written called SAGE Anomaly about a sentient AI entity from the future. True to the story this art is created using a machine learning software StyleGan & Pix2Pix after training with my oscilloscope art.

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Crypto Fluxus

Echos of Fluxus and the Electronic Superhighway have led us to where we are. Tokens and coins of no value, a legacy of a failed empire or pump and dump scheme. The last lucky owners traded them for a symbol of modern value and now they are a history written in the chain. The market volatile movements of a million choices flux into a complex world where true value is not held in the tokens but in the relationships between you and me. Created from 22,000 images of historic coins and cryptocurrencies using Art-DCGAN by Robbie Barrat and Soumith Chintala. Designed for home display on large digital displays. 4K 3840 x 2160 px Duration 2:28  On SuperRare