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Color Magic Planets

color magic sticker play book

NFT art inspired by The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Color Magic Sticker Play Book

On Mayday May 1st a new NFT art collection was released on called Color Magic Planets with 256 unique additions. On July 2nd it sold out and has since generated 111 ETH in volume sales.

Bård Ionson with inspiration daughter Liza Grace who was inspired by a toy from The MET have made a generative artwork. It is created at the moment someone collects it with the token address it was granted. NFT is a non fungible token. At time of purchase a unique hash or hex address is created that is put on the blockchain. But this art uses the token address to make input for code. Code that makes art. Based on the values in the token different shapes and colors are selected. There are elements and combinations of color elements that make one art piece more rare than the others. Watch for the ringed planets and the latent spacecraft of The Entity. (UFO)

Generative artwork made from code inspired by the shapes and colors of childhood and the exploration of planets. Where translucent vinyl shapes overlay to create new colors to spark the imagination. Using the unique transaction hash the location of shapes and their colors are selected.

Based on an original artwork by Liza Grace “Colorform Multiverse” in which she created from the vinyl pieces from the Color Magic Sticker Book produced by The MET. Using cyan, yellow and magenta translucent circles, arcs, triangles and rectangles an abstract work was created to produce unique color combinations. An artwork that is inspired by childhood play and learning.

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