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Smoke And Shape

{R(Evolutionaries);} Art Dubai

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“a pioneer of crypto and generative art using his GAN-algorithms to help flesh out small universes across mediums.”



Pascal Boyart

“Il fuoco cammina con noi, compagno fedele, nemico inaspettato”


A story is born out of artificial shapes predicted by fire or by computer. We are smoke and form, yes evolving in a process in which the technology (like fire) we harness brings about changes the human mind. And the evolved mind creates revolutionary tools but we have a failure to communicate.

Inspired by Bård’s first mint of art called Alien Intelligence. A foreign intelligence is attempting to communicate with any intelligent life on earth. They have chosen to use technology to communicate and travel. The first understood contact at the SAGE computer give rise to the SAGE Anomaly and an ongoing mystery.

Art created using drawings made using oscilloscope software OsciStudio and then used to train multiple Ai models using StyleGAN3. Oscilloscope drawings were made by the artist between 2016 – 2023

For this project Bård collected the oscilliscope drawings he had made, art pieces he had creted before.

Such a bright and wise mind who plays with curiosity in many different levels

Burcin IO



A divine gift to humanity, as it holds the key to its own rebirth and radiant paths onwards.


The use of a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to create images of fire infuses the work with a contemporary relevance, as it represents a frontier where technology meets creativity. GANs, by their nature, involve a dialogical process where two neural networks challenge and refine each other’s outputs, which is metaphorically mirrored in the alien intelligence that is trying to communicate within each square. This speaks to the historical rebellion against traditional art techniques and the embrace of emergent systems to create art.

This selection used Art-DCGAN based on DCGAN trained on oscilloscope art. Bård’s first model and first NFT mints

Alien Intelligence 2018
Neural Dream Map 2018 sold for 8 ETH 2023
Representation Of The Entity 2 2018

…he builds images that turn some of the annoying variability infecting traditional GANs into powerful visions that demand attention and introspection and won’t let go

Lawrence Lee

Bard is a pioneer in his field, a master of his technique and a talented artist.

Benoit Couty

His production is extensive, and this latest series perfectly reflects his systematic approach to the art practice.

Mattia Cuttini