Color Magic Planets

Generated live NFT when you buy it on Art Blocks

Generative artwork made from code inspired by the shapes and colors of childhood and the exploration of planets. Where translucent vinyl shapes overlay to create new colors to spark the imagination. Using the unique transaction hash the location of shapes and their colors are selected. Watch out for the Entity in their starcraft. Based on an original artwork by Liza Grace "Colorform Multiverse

Metropolitan Museum Of Art Color Magic Sticker Book

The book my daughter used to create the original inspiration for this generative artwork. She layered the transparent stickers of three colors to make planets via color mixing.

Colorform Multiverse

The original Represents the possibility of multiple universes and the details within each universe. Made using Color Magic vinyl stickers.

Original NFT

Planet Zero Mint

Unique variations from NFT code

There are rare elements generated based on the token at moment of purchase. Look for ringed planets and the UFO of the Entity.

(Samples below were generated from the Rinkeby testnet. Official versions will look slightly different.)