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Not An Artist – The Treachery of Ai

Video of a fake face of the artist morphing into other people saying This is not an artist in French

La Trahison de l’IA (The Treachery of Ai)

Ce n’est pas l’artiste. Pas la voix. Ceci n’est pas une pipe. L’artiste a-t-il créé? Est-ce de l’art? This is not the artist. Not the voice. This is not a pipe. Did the artist create? Is it art?

Now at NFT Factory Paris – keep reading there is a special offer for attendees to the exhibition at the end.

This art piece is the question is Ai art and is it what it represents. In a similar fashion to René Magritte it asks is what you see and hear real or fake. Ai generated images, video and sound take this mimicry to a new level with our modern technology. (And yet the artist still holds the upper hand in controlling the medium and the message.) But if the artist uses Ai is the artist an artist? So this is not art and the artist did not make it?

The treachery of it is, we have created new problems in our rush to technique. A new technique can distribute power to the many to balance the power of the few. But there are unintended consequences. As an artist I go in at 100% and create myself. My fake self, the anti-self portrait. This is a fake copy of my face and a fake Ai copy of my voice. The voice was then modified by Ai to have a French accent. As an American I have not yet learned how to make these beautiful French sounds.

But my fake self can.

Come see the full video at NFT Factory Paris The exhibition is called “100% created by artificial intelligence – or not” and runs until March 25 2023.

The background of this piece is my art called Fountain #500 currently owned by EzInCrypto. Fountain is an Ai remix project with 501 art pieces that can be remixed for free and resold. I am using it to remix my own art. Read about it at It is inspired by the famous installation art called Fountain.

This artwork was made by finding my face in a StyleGAN model and then animating it with Thin Plate Spline Motion Model. I also turned my voice into a model using Resemble allowed me to convert my voice into a French accent. This is all to highlight the questions of what is real and fake. What is art? What is the artist in the world of Ai?

If you come to the NFT Factory in person and send a photo or video of The Treachery of Ai out on social media (@bardionson) and tag me on it and send me your wallet address I will mint a copy of a companion piece like the one below called “This Is Not An Artist” My handle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon is @bardionson. (It will not be this exact piece but one like it)

If you are a member of the NFT Factory you can mint the art below for a low price of 0.007 Eth at “This Is Not An Artist” If you have a NFT Factory Community Node please come take a look.

How did I make it

A video of using myself to drive the training of the animation. This is my real voice before I used Ai to train a French version of my voice.