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What is $BARD

SolitudeI is Different From Loneliness by Bard Ionson
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And why is $Bard in my wallet?

$BARD is a token on the Ethereum network created for rewarding collectors of art created by Bård Ionson. It is like frequent flyer miles. It was never intended to act as real money and I do not sell it. I give it as a gift to collectors and other supporters of my art. I have awarded it to people who promote my art, curate it or recommend it to others.

I have not had much use for it as it was created in November of 2019 and there are ten million max tokens. It was created by Roll.

How do I use $Bard?

Recently I have rewarded over 350 collectors with at least 9,000 BARD tokens. This is is designed for use in minting an art piece on Art Blocks called 8. Art Blocks art pieces are designed to be minted by the collector. It’s “cost” is 8,888 BARD. At the moment of purchase a token is generated. It looks like this:


This token number (hash) is used by code I have written that will generate a picture based on this unique token. The art for this token looks like. This idea of using some fake money a cryptoToken to mint the art fits right in with the theme of the this piece and what inspired it. It has many layers but one is the idea of gambling on art and life. To make a choice, to take a chance. Other pieces of art I have made also touch on the token and the power it has.

How do I visualize $Bard in my wallet?

To just see if I sent you some $BARD look in Etherscan under your wallet id. Use your wallet address in the search bar in Etherscan.

Or login here and see you you have any.

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Then click on the Token field and another search will appear. Type in bard and it will show you how much of it is in your wallet. I sent a few people up to 27,000 $BARD

The contract for the $BARD token is found on Etherscan. And has the contract number of 0xe05C99fd798C09C066B87d841eCF89Dac4B4856E. This is important because it can be added to your Metamask or other wallet so you can see if it is there. Go to assets or token list and press add tokens. The wallet should ask for a contract number. Once you paste in the number above you should see BARD.

Who is Bard?

Bård is an artist who thinks Nam June Paik spoke to him and declared Bård an artist. Delusional or just a good story? He saw and touched an Internet Dweller and understood that he was an artist. Is the artist a token, a pointer to something? We all matter but sometimes we need to visualize meaning.

I hope you enjoy Eight and read my post about it. I try to make NFT CryptoArt that has many layers of meaning. I want it to attract you at first sight and then draw you into the many layers of meaning I have placed into it. You may find a meaning in it that I never intended.