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Purchase this because you love it, I cannot guarantee it will go up in value. Yet I recognize the allure of the surprise the hope that the machine will yield a rare trait that can support your life. I hope the universe rewards you. I have injected a lot of random chance into this art I am not sure what it will produce exactly. If the symbology offends you please do not purchase this art as I am taking on current cultural trends that have religious sensitivities to them.

Symbols of luck, fate and and gender. The connections of the artists mind and random generation lead to unforeseen results a flow of connected thought comes into being. Like divination, a cosmic gamble. Symbols have many meanings and we seek to explain the entropy, the randomness of the traits we are born with and the traits we gamble for. Like fortune telling symbols of the ancients we seek meaning from the random entropy. From the symbols of the slots to the binary system of the I Ching. It infuses our movie myths today. The trigram symbols tell a fortune and the Bagua with its eight sides. The magic eight ball has answers for some. The all seeing eye or evil eye can foretell a tragedy. Leave the imperfection in the art lest the eye fall on you. The visions of Ezekiel of the alien spacecraft to the planets. The symbols of the the planets and their positions tell of luck and fate. But symbols have many meanings. The planets provide a clue of gender. These traits are in the art and in our fellow beings. With both the gamble is rewarded in a piece of unique beauty. The traits might seem imperfect but their unique lucky combination give each a power no one else has.