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U’R,L Group Exhibition

alien face made with artificial intelligence and oscilloscope art

Group exhibition
September 3rd to 24th, 2021
IRL Art Gallery
Denver, CO, USA

IRL Art, with the support of the Museum of Crypto Art present: U’R,L;

a play on the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), through interconnection. inner, and internet connection. 10 artists are invited to nominate themselves to collaborate with their former self and 10 artists to collaborate with another genesis artist’s former self. The idea is for the artists to be in conversation and collaboration with their former self through their historical artworks in the Museum of Crypto Art’s permanent collection. The Museum of Crypto art has collected over 160 historical works of crypto art from leading innovators in the space. IRL Art will utilize one of MOCA’s Somnium Space parcels to build a gallery space, and utilize Spheroid AR to activate the art in the physical location.

Art on display is Representation of the Entity (v.4) and their 3D Spacecraft in VR