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Soul Scroll Testing

Birth Blessed is the fruit of the womb may over and over. the Lord open it wide Bless our land

It is on Rinkeby so don’t send it real eth.

It is on-chain and has interactive elements and it has a financial component. I would really appreciate any feedback. I am working on refining the interface and the pricing and profit sharing structure. I am planning on using Optimism but some people want me to put it on Ethereum. It is just the price of gas might prevent people from using it.

For now it is hosted here

It is based on a prayer machine from the Handmaid’s Tale in which citizens order prayers over the phone and a machine in a store front franchise called Soul Scroll reads the prayers after printing them out on paper.. The idea is about political religious frameworks designed to support the alpha man power structure. Women are not allowed to read or even to pray. The book makes it feel like a machine has more power than women. It can pray and read prayers but the women cannot. More importantly, it uses cultural power structures to extract wealth and labor from millions of people who can barely survive and allocates it to the top. And it tries to make it look like a voluntary system.

I have set it up so that people pay for the number times a prayer will be read out loud. It will read the next prayer in a list of prayers. I have 50 prayers written for it already

But I can add wallets to an allow list and if they pay the dues they are allowed to write prayers. In exchange the content providers will get 75% to 85% of the proceeds when their prayer is minted.

When a prayer is minted it is saved on chain as an svg file.

A Prayer from Soul Scroll

It is never minted again.

But the prayer will be read out the number of times they select on a prayer machine I created. The machine prints out the prayer as a QRcode and a camera detects it and a computer voice speaks the prayer out loud.

Switch to Rinkeby in Metamask

You will need some free Eth from Rinkeby faucet

Pay for a prayer select number of times to have it read
If you are on the approval list you can pay dues and write prayers

The Prayer Reader