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SAGE Anomaly NFT CryptoArt

dean in hospital bed being visited by the entity and his past self as a head

On cold winter night in 1964 in a secret computer bunker in North Bay Canada an alien unidentified anomaly happened that is now known as the SAGE Anomaly.

Lynn the AI professor & scientist, with the help of Dean’s grandson, work to process the historical footage and computer tape by inventing new machine learning processes to track the progress of The Entity in their attempt to find Dean who is missing but seems to be merged with the mind of The Entity. This is the story of first contact with Dean by The Entity.

Discover the story of the SAGE Anomaly by minting new art pieces. The story is told in word and in art. Each mint reveals a part of the mystery. It is still fragmented as the timeline is still out of order and could branch in a new direction as The Entity decides how to intervene.

This is a new multi edition artwork on Async.Art. It will be a drop of 303 unique art pieces made from 16 different layers making a combination of 380,436 different possibilities.

The price will be set at an affordable 0.05 ETH and there will be two legendary video art editions out of the 303 in the collection.

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