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Learn How to Kill Them All by Putin

Art in the style of a propaganda poster with Putin with horns and wearing a military black shirt. He is surrounded by a red frame. in the background is the Kremlin, rockets shooting, the hammer and sickle in red and the words Kill Them All

They would not suffer death if we gave in. He grows in evil with the knowledge you cannot bare the evil he spawns. He says, “Kill them all, it is all your fault.”


This all began when Lawrence Lee and I decided to attempt another collaboration. Our first collaboration created thirteen pieces of art in a series called Convergence. In it I trained a GAN Ai model on images of his paintings of Shamans. Actually we created about 5 models until we got the perfect one. Lawrence then edited the output of the GAN to produce 13 amazing pieces. This new work is about Putin.


This time our subject was Putin and our process has changed. I used Stable Diffusion to create 30 images of Putin. Many are of Putin as Satan.

The final masterpiece has been unveiled at NFTParis and the SuperRare Space Criticize by Creating.

A few out takes:

Kill Them All

Inspired by these and more Lawrence Lee created “Kill Them All”. Lawrence used ProCreate on an iPad and Photoshop to draw a new version of Putin. Added the Kremlin, the Hammer and Sickle, rockets firing and the words. “Kill Them All”. The core version will be sold as prints at NFT Paris.

Here are some of the variations Lawrence Created:

An Exhibition

About the time we were getting close to finished piece Eleonora Brizi was looking for art to place into the new SuperRare Space “Criticize by Creating” that used written words. This exhibition will appear at NFT Paris 2023. In this Space and Exhibition there would need to be three variations. One will be sold at NFT Paris, one will be in the permanent collection of “Criticize by Creating” and the third will be owned by the artists, Bård Ionson and Lawrence Lee.

To create a video version to sell I created a video of the best faces of Putin morphing into each other as he becomes more grotesque as his evil grows. But it was not quite right.

Rejected Version

I will not spoil the surprise yet as to what the final products look like. But here is a hint: Artivive.

See all three versions at Criticize by Creating.

Direct Links

Kill Them All – permanent collection of Criticize By Creating (10 NFC Posters available at NFTParis)

Kill Them All – Animated on sale NFTParis

Kill Them All – Artist Proof