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Abstraction of Mind

As seen at the Presidio San Francisco

Available on SuperRare

From a series called Sound Words. Dynamic spoken word poetry visualized. Sound Words which are words made from sound. Generated by the sound of the voice and oscilloscope drawings.

So far there are Abstractions of Mind 3, 4 and 8.

Abstraction of Mind 4

Some visions are internal

But not of the brain

The seeing eye also creates when closed

Entropic bio photonic generation

Phantom vision

Noise from inside oneself Faulty wiring Chemical imbalance?

The static of the stars in my cells Entropic bio photonic generation

The cones misfire Balding of the ear

The neural network fills the gaps

Entropic bio photonic generation

Loop internal Loop eternal Mind constructs what is not there

Static boom Static to static we all end in a b flat

Entropic bio photonic generation  

Abstraction of the Mind 8

Listen to the poem

The future is unknown an abstraction. Yes it is an actual abstraction of reality. Humans are building an artificial construct that goes beyond what our senses regard as real. A reconfiguration of materials into chips and screens and laser beams to simulate a different sort of reality. A so called place in a digital mirage. A place were a human can abstract themselves into a single line or the shape of a fly. We will morph into different skins perhaps every second. Dynamically generatively making a new vision of our identity. This art illustrates a communication between entities through a digital fashion. A new symbology of avatars. Some of which are simulated beings created from artificial intelligence trained on specific cannons of work to represent knowledge from particular studies or important bodies of work by important scholars or artists. The curatorial choices we make can determine our virtual skin.

Abstraction of Abstractions

What have we become

A model of reality in a model of abstractions

Do I know who I am

Do I know who you are

Wrapped in a vision of ourselves

Composed by our aesthetic

Our mixed realities collide

Soul still there?

Perhaps it is more visible without skin and bones

To be or not

I know not.