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Ion Collection

Need - artwork of a line drawing of a baby in red and orange on an oscilloscope - their mouth is the word need

Retro future ion fusion of CRT, o-scope, lasers to project life and death on an alternate timeline.

A new series on SuperRare by Bård Ionson An imagined future based on retro technology such as CRT, oscilloscopes and lasers. Using line drawings, sound, oscilloscopes and lasers Bård produces a new version of an alternate future. The symbols are the communication of a new language of another cyberspace.

Inspired by artists who were among the first on SuperRare he combines their visual language into something in his own style. The artists who have inspired this collection are XCOPY, Coldie, Matt Kane, Oficinas and GiselX. Bård was along for the ride as an artist at the moment these artists explored the possibilities of the Ethereum blockchain and the promise of CryptoArt The future seemed far away, five or ten years out but here we are, the future is now.

WANT The first art piece is a 4k remix of the XCopy art called WANT inspired by the techniques of Matt Kane and Coldie. As a tracing of his original art it is now an animated sound filled 3D fly through with oscilloscope sound. Too much want seems to bring the end closer.


In the beginning there is only need. The past is the future of history. A 4k re-imagination of the XCOPY art pieces called WANT inspired by the techniques of Matt Kane and Coldie. From an original drawing by the artist. The second art piece is inspired by the first. The opposite of want. As a baby all it can do is need. The sound is overwhelming as the lines fluxuate all around.

NEED in progress

The art was hand sketched, scanned and traced into vector lines and then composed into an oscilloscope. The layers were carefully laid out in 3D space in After Effects and a camera fly through was animated.