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What does Global Reality look like?

Abstract squares moving

Global Reality

Global Reality

Inside the Work

Glitch and Artificial Intelligence

Look at the world from different perspectives.

Full NFT art video at MakersPlace. If purchased the collector receives the art on an Infinite Objects small digital frame with 5 inch screen, NFT token, 4K mp4 and VR mp4.

A true global reality is possible to start by lovingly viewing the world through many eyes. What do you see in this artwork? How would you read it?

With love, collectively, maybe we can counter the manipulations of the sensory distortion fields of money, power and technology.

This original footage used to create this piece is from the movie “Independence Day”. It is a scene where Will Smith parachutes down and confronts an alien in their spacecraft.

The artist used two VCR decks with one video tape run between them with the two VCR outputs into one TV. It produced a datamosh glitch. VCR Glitch Art

The glitch video was used to train an AI model using Pix2Pix which uses next frame prediction to make a new movie based on what it has learned.

Then that output was turned into a virtual reality scene that is the final work.

See more of my work at BardIonson.comMakersPlaceSuperRareKnownOrigin

Global Reality VR version