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SAGE Anomaly Redux

Digital AI video collage

SAGE Anomaly Redux


The first known anomaly from the SAGE computer briefly appeared at MIT on July 8, 1957. 

The Semi-Automatic Ground Environment was built to monitor for and launch weapons to shoot down Russian bombers attempting to drop nuclear bombs. The Air Force Technicians saw a strange image briefly form on their oscilloscopes.  This time it was written off as a non-reproducible hardware anomaly. But there was some sort of mind -numbing distortion in this artificial intelligence generated reproduction of the event.

Appeared at CADAF Miami 2019 and sold as an NFT on SuperRare

Historical image from public domain at National Archives 342-B-03-014-12-157480AC box 130 dated July 8 1957

These Air Force technicians are watching scopes of the SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) system, at the Massachusetts Instituted of Technology. SAGE  will not make the ground controllers job any easier, rather it will let him handle a larger segment of the battle at one time.

Sold on SuperRare

digital collage with AI Gan generated animations

3840 × 2160 PX 4K 19 seconds 2019

Sidenote: I took a special trip to the US National Archives and spent a day researching boxes from the vaults and then scanning the photos. This is one image I found and scanned.

Original Image from US National Archives

Collector Bonus Material

A work in progress shot
Artists description of the art piece.

SAGE Anomaly Redux appeared at CADAF 2020 online during the COVID virus world shutdown. Scheduled for Paris France the fair was moved to an online platform.

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