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Global Reality

Digital AI video collage

Global Reality Flat Edition
Virtual Reality Version
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A true global reality is possible to start by lovingly viewing the world through many eyes. What do you see in this artwork? How would you read it?
With love, collectively maybe we can counter the manipulations of the sensory distortion fields of money, power and technology.

Appeared and sold at CADAF Online 2020

Created from glitched video of a scene from Independence Day using two VCRs and a CRT. Video was used to train a Pix2Pix model which generated multiple alternate variations. Then it was converted into a 360 VR video. Which gives many different views of the world.

digital video AI Gan generated animations

Sold as NFT on MakersPlace

3840 × 2160 PX 4K 2:29 minutes 2020

Abstract rainbow color rounded squares
Global Reality Still Frame

Welcome to Earth art used to train the AI model for Global Reality

Collector Bonus Material

Artist’s description of the artwork

Global Reality appeared at CADAF 2020 online during the COVID virus world shutdown. Scheduled for Paris France the fair was moved to an online platform.

Global Reality was sold with an InfiniteObjects frame.