Creating the Future

An exhibition of artificial intelligence and NFT art.
June 2019

Background art is Biophotonic Phosopene
Unique backlit physical version in show and for sale at SuperRare.
Augmented Reality provided by Artivive

Bull Run Library

ARTificial Solo Exhibition

Bull Run Library Manassas Virginia June 2019  

Burning Off The Dross


Creating the Future from History

In his first solo exhibition Bård Ionson explores the possibilities of NFT cryptocurrency art, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

It is a sometimes confusing multi-layered exploration of the new NFT art crossed with artificial intelligence and augmented realities. It mirrors the frenetic pace of the cryptocurrency and NFT market places.

Bård explores the meaning of reality and perception in what we see. His use of machine learning GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) to generate art from tens of thousands of images illuminate the growing expanse of digital information to deceive or create anew. 

What is real and what is fake? What is money and what is art? It is ARTificial.

Fake Art


Art with Descriptions

Memories of Landscapes
Memories of Landscapes from a Digital Future

Giclee on Canvas Digital 24 x 24 in. Artificial Intelligence Robbie Barrat Landscape paining model overtrained with Bard's oscilloscope model.

A possible future where the memories of landscapes which have been destroyed are stored in an AI model. The AI becomes defective and generates these vague dreams or memories of landscapes.

Big Net Of Dreams
Big Net Of Dreams

Metallic Photo Paper Digital 16 x 16 in Artificial Intelligence

The dreams of the neural network. Modeled from 20,000 oscilloscope art images output on an oversize digital canvas. See Battledore artwork for original oscilloscope art.
Owned by Hackatao

Faces in The Cloud Oil
Faces in the Cloud

Oil on Canvas 24 x 24 in

Painting of an artificial inteligence generated image.

A place between worlds, an imaginary place in the mind of a neural net where memories of portraits mingle in the cloud. 

Faces In the Cloud
Faces in the Cloud

NFT Version

Original AI artwork

Created by mixing an AI model of oscilloscope art with 20,000 images of Trump.

Biophotonic Phosopene by Bard Ionson
Biophotonic Phosopene

Metallic Photo Paper Digital 24 x 24 LED backlight frame Artificial Intelligence oscilloscope model

This is what I see when I rub my eyes. When I saw this piece the computer generated after I trained it with multi colored oscilloscope images it looked exactly like what I see when I rub my eyes. It is a biological phenomenon that light photons are created by eye and nerves in the eye without an external source of light. Learn more

Bright Land by Bard Ionson
Bright Land

Metallic Photo Paper Digital 16 x 16 in Artificial Intelligence

In this image I saw lots of people dancing in brightly lit night scene. It is made by combining a nude model of historical nude public domain paintings with the oscilloscope line drawings. Nude model trained by Robbie Barrat

Burning Off the Dross by Bard Ionson
Burning Off The Dross

Giclee on Canvas Digital 16 x 20 in. Artificial Intelligence

With Robbie's portrait AI model and the artists Trump model it tells a story of poor leaders being refined away with the flames of sovereign history.

Historical Portraits mixed with 20,000 images of Trump.

The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada by Bard Ionson
The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada

Giclee on Canvas Digital 20 x 16 in Artificial Intelligence

A story about a computer that watches for Russian attack in 1966, taps into universal consciousness & generates symbols to communicate. In the AR layer you can watch the model learn how to make oscilloscope images on the command center screen.

Biophotonic Phosopene by Bard Ionson
One Whole & Stone Rose Token

Giclee on Canvas Digital 16 x 16 in. Artificial Intelligence

What is money and art and what makes it valuable? Generated using 20,000 image of coins and cryptocurrency logos. All art in the show has a digital twin that is traded online with cryptocurrency.

Representation of the Entity by Bard Ionson
Representation Of The Entity

Metallic Photo Paper Digital 12 x 12 in. Artificial Intelligence Oscilloscope

In 1966 two military computer nodes in Canada begin generating unknown symbols in an incident known as "The SAGE Anomaly". (Historical Science Fiction)

Battledore by Bard Ionson

Digital Photo of Oscilloscope Art on Walnut 5 x 9 in. with leather straps & tacks. Animated oscilloscope with Artivive. This is not AI but the images from this were used to train the models used for other work in the show.

What are our children learning as they navigate digital devices vs. when children used wooden tablets with narrow ideas presented with pictograms.

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