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The Android of Dorian Grey VI on Async Art

The Android of Dorian Grey VI

CryptoArt NFT by Bard Ionson

Dorian Grey the sixth has engineered an android clone of himself to hold his soul. The android absorbs his negative energy including his hate, moral failings, criminal acts, anxiety, bodily harm and effects of age.

At night in his room the evil, guilt, mental disorders, scars and age are transferred from his body to this android made in his image. He and his android have become immortal.

As time goes on the android grows a thick ugly skin. Dorian becomes more soulless as his android grows more humble. The spend many nights talking and discussing the meaning of life. The android becomes more human as Dorian becomes more mechanical and without empathy. They have a love and hate relationship.

After 250 years they Dorian hates himself more and more. The android is full of pity for Dorian. In a rage one night Dorian tries to wrest back his soul from the android with a knife. The skin is too thick.

In the morning all that was left was a perfect looking man in the prime of life and full of empathy and a black sludge across the living room floor.

The Android of Dorian Grey still lives today.

Credit: Lawrence Lee’s paintings which were used to train a neural network StyleGAN2 model was used to create one of these faces. But I did mix it with other models I have created.

This is on AsyncArt as an artwork that changes over time. Twice a day it changes from the grotesque image to the face with the yellow sunglasses. AsyncArt has an AppleTV app so you can view it on a TV.

It was purchased by Metapurse for 5 ETH. See it at AsyncArt.