Bard Ionson has been accepted as an artist on the NOOW platform.
NOOW is currently available on Swisscom.
Coming soon to iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV

NOOW is a platform that allows people to  buy, sell, and display digital artworks. Users can securely invest in a digital Art Piece. It used to be impossible to authenticate is now an owned original. NOOW uses Blockchain technology to make limited editions possible, protect copyright, and enables collectors to increase and protect the value of their investment. It is currently available on Swisscom Television but will soon be available as an Apple and Android App, Chromecast and Apple TV.

Artists Selected for NOOW


This exclusive 4K work is now for sale on NOOW.


This is an exclusive work for NOOW by Bard Ionson. Battledore represents a training for the battles in modern technology. Where brands, countries, ideologies & organized crime compete for allegiance. Using art, history, finance, education, news, war, social media & religion - learn to hold your own.

The artist created this by hand drawing images for each cell. They were converted to sound waves, manipulated with signal processing and then played on an oscilloscope. 

The artist is inspired by the history of technology from the battledore tablet used to teach the alphabet to the first computers used oscilloscopes for monitors and how technology has come to dominate the lives of most humans.

Watch for more exclusive work to be released by Bård Ionson soon.

Artificial Intelligence

This exclusive artificial intelligence 4K work is part of the Sage Anomaly Series.

On January 15 1966 an underground node of the worlds largest computer (used to detect Russian bombers, target and fire missiles at them) in North Bay Canada begins an anomalous operation.

Cosmic Neural Network

Exclusive video art for NOOW.

In the winter of 1966 an underground MIT / IBM computer in North Bay Canada, used to monitor Russian activity began to generate images that foretold the future. It was one of 24 computers in a massive network across North America. This knowledge was reconstructed using artificial intelligence and machine learning using Art-DCGAN. (science fiction)