History of Physical and Virtual Exhibitions of Digital and NFT Art



Alien Intelligence SuperRare

Nov 2018


Accepted to SuperRare and immediately began minting artificial intelligence NFT  artwork around my story SAGE Anomaly. First art piece was Alien Intelligence. 

The Color Of Crypto

Dec 2018


Date of first mint on KnownOrigin of Neural Dream Map

The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada

May 2019

Rare AF2 NYC

Exhibition at Bushwick Generator 215 Moore Street Brooklyn, NY
Displayed The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada and Coin-Air-Artdrop displayed on a Meural Canvas.
The agenda features the most innovative projects in the realm of cryptoart. There will be over 50 curated works by 32 international artists.

One Whole Token

June 2019

ARTificial Mannassas

Solo Exhibition: ARTificial - Creating the Future out of History by Bard Ionson
Bard's first solo exhibition explores AI, AR and cryptocurrency and blockchain art at the Bull Run Library in Manassas, VA.

Nudes At The Beach

June 2019

iDAF Manchester

A two day conference showcasing the very best in VR,AR, rare digital art, Ai, NFTs & blockchain technology from the worlds most respected artists, designers & innovators. 2 Federation St Manchester UK
Art shown was Nudes At The Beach 

SAGE Anomaly Redux

Dec 2019

CADAF 2019 Miami

The only art fair of its kind. Discover and connect with the world’s most important galleries, artists, and collectors in the digital art market.

CADAF supports the expansion of new media art through a dedicated program of exhibitions and talks to proudly nurture the most exciting talent in cultural innovation.
Exhibition Archive
SAGE Anomaly Redux | Entity Watches | Neural Network Mind Warp | Wreckage Of The Entity's Latent Spacecraft On The Banks Of Lake Moraine | SAGE Anomaly Under North Bay
2400 NW 5 Ave Miami

Global Reality 4K video art

June 2020

CADAF 2020 Online

CADAF Contemporary And Digital Art Fair supports emerging and established artists, galleries, residencies, and art+tech companies from all over the globe. We partner with other cultural institutions by providing them their own dedicated exhibition sections.
Global Reality | Wreckage of The Entity's Latent Spacecraft | Welcome to Earth | SAGE Anomaly Redux | Dreams of Internet Dweller 7 | Artificial Intelligence SpawnsArtificial Consciousness Vortex Dual | Artificial Artist (Deep Fake Max)

Three Little Gods AR Instagram

Oct 2020

Digital Art Month CADAF

The Digital Art Month is a creative celebration of digital and new media art kicking off October 1, 2020, in New York. #digitalArtMonth

Close Our Eyes

Oct 2020

Outside Forces Washington DC

Exhibited Close Our Eyes
Art Enables, a DC non-profit art studio and gallery dedicated to amplifying the careers of artists with disabilities, is excited to announce "Outside Forces" 2021, our 15th annual exhibition highlighting the work of self-taught artists. We look forward to continuing the tradition of this show championing and promoting outsider art and physically exhibiting the work in our gallery again this year.

Life Is Green

Feb 2021

Abstract Art in the Age of New Media

By MOCDA - Museum of Contemporary and Digital Art
Life Is Green and Alien Life of Venus
A multidisciplinary team headed by two UCL researchers has been awarded a research grant from the British Academy, to unravel the psychology of how people view and remember artworks in a gallery. The collaboration between cognitive psychologists, cultural and digital sector professionals takes place in the context of an online shift for art collections worldwide.

There is Nothing Wrong

June 2021

Matt Kane Share The Light

There is Nothing Wrong
Pop Up Exhibition in CryptoVoxels

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