Seven Artworks of Bård Ionson to be shown at CADAF in Miami

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SAGE Anomaly Redux

This still image of a video AI / Digital Artwork by Bård Ionson is going to be shown on a 32 foot screen at CADAF Miami December 5 - 8 2019

The first known anomaly from the SAGE computer briefly appeared at MIT on July 8, 1957. The Semi-Automatic Ground Environment was built to monitor for and launch weapons at Russian bombers attempting to drop nuclear bombs. The Air Force Technicians saw a strange image briefly form on their oscilloscopes. This time it was written off as a non-reproducible hardware anomaly. But there was some sort of mind-numbing distortion in this artificial intelligence generated reproduction of the event.

SAGE Anomaly Under North Bay

This is a still image of a video AI / Digital Artwork by Bard Ionson is going to be shown on a 32 foot wall at CADAF Miami Art Show. It will be avalable for purchase at

In January 1966 inside an underground command center containing two nodes of the world’s largest computer began to attempt to communicate with the men sitting at the screens. This instance of the SAGE Anomaly is the most well-known despite evidence being classified and lost due to an electromagnetic distortion. Experts speculated on the cause being sabotage, mind control, project PALLADIUM, Russian nuclear attack or disinformation to simulate alien contact.

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